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Opened consultation on labelling for no and low-alcohol alternatives


Oct 02, 2023

The Office for Health Improvement & Disparities has published a consultation about updating labelling guidance for no and low-alcohol alternatives.

The government wants to increase substitution of alcoholic drinks with alcohol free or low-alcohol (‘NoLo’) alternatives among people who drink above low-risk levels. Research suggests that the main policies that encourage substitution of higher strength drinks with lower strength drinks relate to price, availability and clear labelling.

Alcohol free products are currently defined in England as products with an ABV content not exceeding 0.05%. Low alcohol products are defined as products with an ABV content not exceeding 1.2%. These drinks are designed to replicate the taste and experience of standard-strength alcoholic drinks and cover a wide range of products, including NoLo beers, spirits, ciders and wine-based drinks.

The consultation will be open untill Thursday 23 November 2023.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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