Crossing the
borders for your

35 years

of experience in nutrition legislation at your service

Strong specialisation. Deep insight. A greater ability to help.

Having an exclusive focus on nutrition law practice for so many years allows us to go deeper than regular consultancy or law firms. We offer tailored, actionable, and comprehensive advice, and understand the demanding specifics of your work.

Founded in 2004, Food Compliance International is a team of top lawyers and food scientists, with a narrow focus but broad understanding of food regulatory matters in all jurisdictions. We train and nurture top professionals to provide services of irreproachable quality.

We are a firm where open and generous relationships are just as important as a disciplined and precise attitude to work. We understand that a genuine interest in the matter, the ability to work creatively and independently are required to achieve great results.

Our Mission

We see our mission as enriching people’s lives by helping great new products cross market boundaries freely.



Regardless of the subject or scope of an assignment, our clients can expect consistent good results. Every piece of advice we give comes through a series of checks, including by a senior partner. We value work well done above anything else and will never compromise on its quality.