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Draft bill to ban synthetic meat


Jul 03, 2023

Senator Sebastián Da Silva has presented a draft bill prohibiting the manufacture, commercialization and/or importation of synthetic meat, entitled: "Denomination and labelling of plant origin products with names associated with other industries - Marketing of artificially produced foodstuffs".

The draft bill proposes to replace article 292 of Law No. 19.924, of 18 December 12, 2020, with the following article: "the denominations associated with products of animal origin and their derivatives shall be exclusive to these products. In this sense, no label, commercial document, description or pictorial representations, or advertising material or form of advertising and presentation may be used to indicate, implying or suggesting that a product that is not of animal origin in its composition, is meat or a meat product. The importation, manufacture and marketing in the country of foodstuffs containing artificially produced animal culture cells is prohibited".

For further information (in Spanish), click on the Link

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