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Brazil - Evaluation of the Nutritional Composition of Foods for Weight Control (Shake Type) in the face of current legislation


Jan 17, 2022

Weight control foods are industrialized products in order to meet the individual's nutritional needs and are designed to reduce, maintain or gain body weight. They can be classified into food for weight reduction or maintenance by partial replacement of meals or for weight gain by adding to meals and also in food for weight reduction by total replacement of meals. However, weight control foods are exempt from registration and are available in markets, drugstores and gyms with no restrictions on their access, and the marketing related to these products has been very favorable for individuals seeking change on their own. 14 products marketed in 26 commercial pharmacies in the metropolitan region of Recife (PE) were evaluated in 2018. The nutritional composition of these products was evaluated according to relevant legislation and the labeling of this group of foods through a data collection instrument. There were inconsistencies about the mandatory nutritional composition for these products. As an example, products 1, 6, 9, 11, 12,13 and 14 showed the highest number of non-conformities in terms of the expressed nutritional quality. 

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