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Argentina - Act 27642 and food labelling: a step forward in ensuring the right to proper nutrition


Apr 12, 2024

In this paper we will address the right to proper nutrition, focusing on its regulation in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and we will examine one aspect of this right: food labeling. Accordingly, we will mention the different labelling models used in the world pointing out the complexity and challenges this right present in accomplishing its full effectiveness. Also, we will make a particularized analysis of the Argentinean’s Act 27642 of Healthy Food Promotion (known as “labelling law”), its legislative backgrounds and the protection of vulnerable groups. Then, we will make a critical analysis on where the Argentinean’s proper nutrition right stands. Finally, we will conclude that accomplishing the effectiveness of proper nutrition right re quires a great challenge that demands not only regulatory measures of the normative type (suchas the labelling law) but also concrete, continuous, intense, clear, and interdisciplinary measures. Thus, although labelling law is a big step towards that goal, it cannot solve the problem by itself because it demands a continuous social, political, and economic commitment.


Author(s):  Sarmiento. P, M. J.

Published in: Revista Omnia

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