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EU - Checkmating the Nutri-Score: Will Food Patriotism Prevent the Harmonization of Front-of-Pack Labeling Schemes within the EU?.

European Union

Apr 12, 2024

Front-of-pack labeling schemes are an effective but contested regulatory approach to nudge consumers towards healthy food choices. The Nutri-Score, being implemented by seven European countries, is one of the most elaborated and evidence-based examples. Therefore, the Nutri-Score has been deemed as the frontrunner within the EU Commission's attempt to harmonize front-of-pack labeling among EU member states under its Farm-to-Fork strategy (F2F) by the end of 2022. However, the endeavor is on the brink of failure due to massive resistance by Mediterranean member states and parts of the food industry capitalizing on patriotic narratives (e.g. Made in Italy). This comment investigates the Nutri-Score saga from a political and commercial determinants of health lens. It argues that an EU-wide roll-out of the label hinges on the specific interplay between political structures and stakeholder agency. As shown, the EU's weak decision-making power has been exploited by the No-Nutri-Score alliance.


Author(s):  Benjamin, E.

Published in: J Health Polit Policy Law

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