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EU/USA - Legislation, Industrial Feasibility, and Scalability of Oleogel Production Processes

European Union

Feb 12, 2024

The increasing pressure to find healthier alternatives to solid lipid phases, mainly consisting of saturated fatty acids, has spurred the discovery of various oil-gelling systems. In light of an unstable global market, where dramatic price fluctuations for commodities such as edible fats can arise within days, alternatives to provide structured lipids to food are increasingly interesting. As such, oleogels have been researched for over two decades, yet product applications and, thus, large-scale production are still lacking. To enable a switch or even substitution, oleogels have to offer a benefit over traditional fats, such as reduced production costs (food manufacturers) or tremendous, easy-to-understand health benefits (consumers). This chapter provides a practical approach to assess oleogels regarding their feasibility on an industrial scale. To this end, the current legislation in the USA and EU are outlined, and potential production volumes and prices are estimated.


Author(s):  Scharfe, M.

Published in: Springer

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