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China - The Suggestions for Improving the Management of Food Claims in China Based on International Experience


Dec 28, 2023

With the rapid development of economy and society, as well as the continuous improvement of science and technology, the living standards of the general public are increasingly improving, and the demand for nutrition and health is increasing. At this stage, food labeling is the mainly way to learn about nutritional information and characteristics of foods. However, due to the incomplete management system for food claims, non-standard claims often occur, which seriously affects the satisfaction and trust of the public towards food safety in China. This paper systematically arranged the requirements of Codex Alimentarius Commission and some countries and regions on food claim management, and compared and analyzed them with the current management system of food claims in China. Based on this, combined with national conditions, this paper put forward some suggestions on food claim management for government.


Author(s):  Ming, T., Jun, F., Shutao, Y &  Zheng, C.

Published in: Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science & Technology

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