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Brazil - Graphic design aspects of the nutritional label determined by the Resolução da Diretoria Colegiada nº 429 and Instrução Normativa – IN nº 75


Nov 13, 2023

As non-contagious chronic diseases diagnoses increases, the nutritional label specified by the Resolução da Diretoria Colegiada – RDC nº 429, in force since October 2022, canbe an important tool to assist Brazilian consumers in making better dietary choices.
This article aimed to analyze graphic aspects that contribute to a better understandingof the information contained in the back and front- of-pack nutritional labeling, such as: color, typography, and Gestalt. The analysis was conducted based on technical indications regarding basic principles of visual design, in addition to more recent researches regarding nutritional labeling. Finally, it was observed that some specificities of the RDC align with what is recommended by the authors to facilitate information comprehension, especially in the nutritional facts label. However, the same cannot be said about the front-of-pack nutritional labeling.

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