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Brazil - Evaluation of the Yerba Mate container label, according to current Brazilian legislation


Jun 27, 2023

It is known that many food companies have difficulties with labeling compliance. This problem tends to be even greater in small and medium-sized industries, as is the case of the herb plants located in the region of Canoinhas-SC. So the aim off the this study is to verify if the yerba mate packages are in accordance with the labeling legislation in force in Brazil. Based on Brazilian legislation that regulates yerba mate labeling, two checklists were created: general labeling and nutritional labeling. Subsequently, 25 yerba mate packages were compared with the topics of the two checklists. The analyzed packages presented non-conformities related to general labeling and to nutritional information. Among the non-conformities identified, there are: absence of expressions to represent net weight, absence of the expression "contain gluten" or "not contain gluten", lack of information regarding the way of conservation of the product, in addition to errors regarding the presentation of nutritional information. It should be noted that yerba mate packages are exempted from presenting a nutritional table. And, thus, only 32% of the packages analyzed had this item. In short, it was found that 36% of the analyzed packages presented one or more non-conformities. The most frequently are related to the expression of nutritional information. With the results of this work, it is expected to contribute to the regularization of products and, consequently, to better information for the consumer.


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