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Brazil - Evaluation of the impact of new labeling on the food industry


Jun 02, 2023

Packaging plays a key role in the food industry due to its various functions, in addition to contributing as a source of information to consumers. In order to promote the protection of the health of the population, RDC n° 429 was published in 2020, whose objective is to establish a new standard on nutritional labeling of foods to evolve, improve the clarity and readability of the nutritional information on food labels. foods. The main alteration of this legislation is the establishment of panels on the front label of packaged products, which are information symbols instituted to inform the consumer about the high content of nutrients (sugar, fat and sodium). In this context, the objective was to evaluate the progress of changes that must be carried out by the food industry in relation to the elaboration of new labels, following the new labeling legislation, as well as the impact of these changes.

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