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USA - America's Favorite Stimulant: ). America's Favorite Stimulant: An argument for FDA regulatory control over caffeinated products labeled as dietary supplements under the FDCA


Mar 13, 2023

This Note argues that the lack of regulation surrounding highly caffeinated products, coupled with the lack of awareness surrounding health implications of chronic caffeine consumption, serve as a detriment to individuals and society as a whole. Specifically, the lack of regulation for caffeinated dietary supplements may have an impact on higher rates of consumption, children and adolescents included. The implications spurred by automatic, consistent consumption of caffeine at high levels are numerous and can result in long-term health consequences. Nonetheless, rather than opting to prohibit caffeine use by consumers and businesses through regulation, a more reasonable and pertinent approach would involve revealing that unmonitored consumption of high levels of caffeine over time can have a harmful effect on an individual’s health and well-being. 

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