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Legal problems of labeling food products containing components obtained using genetically engineered organisms

Mar 30, 2021

The Article is devoted to the study of modern approaches of foreign countries and the Russian Federation to the legal regulation of labeling of food products containing components obtained using genetically modified organisms. Based on the results of a comparative study of the legislation of the European Union and the Russian Federation, the conclusion is proved that currently the Russian Federation as a whole has developed and operates an effective system for assessing the safety of food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO), however, the accelerated development of genetic technologies in the world, including genetic editing technologies, the emergence of genetically modified organisms of the second and third generations, it requires modernization of the entire existing system of state regulation of the turnover of genetically engineered products, and, accordingly, changes in existing approaches to the legal regulation of mandatory labeling of food products obtained with the use of GMO.

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