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A review of nutrition labeling and food choice in the United States


Dec 04, 2019

A proliferation of processed food and labeling claims motivated the Nutrition Labelingand Education Act of 1990, which mandated the Nutrition Facts Label. Providingnutrition information is often put forth as a way to change food choice; however,despite efforts to provide dietary information using nutrition labeling, more than athird of the US has obesity and portions of the population continue to under consumevital nutrients. There has been progress beyond the Nutrition Facts Label in recentyears with frontofpackage labeling and menu labeling, which is crucial givenchanges in consumption trends for foodawayfromhome. Additionally, changeswere recently made to the Nutrition Facts Label due to lack of awareness, under-standing, and ability to effectively improve diet quality. This paper explores the liter-ature to track the evolution of knowledge about attention to nutrition informationand how nutrition information affects dietary choices.


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