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Amendments to processed food labeling requirements published


Oct 22, 2021

This draft regulation has been stipulated as Regulation of Indonesian Food and Drug Authority Number 20 Year 2021 concerning Amendment of Regulation of Indonesian Food and Drug Authority Number 31 Year 2018 on Processed Food Labelling.

  • Amendments to the previous regulation include:
  • Labelling requirements for processed food;
  • Labelling requirements for re-processed food products;
  • Requirement to include the percentage of raw material;
  • Requirement to include alcohol content;
  • Additional labelling requirement for food additives sold for retail sales;
  • Description of allergens;
  • Texts, logos and/or pictures related to food packaging;
  • Provisions to determine the quality of a processed food; and
  • other information that shall be listed into the label upon approval from the Head of Indonesian Food and Drug Authority.

Notified measure enters into force - date: 31 December 2021.


For further information (in English), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Indonesian), click on the  Link


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