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New rules for wine labelling enter into force

European Union

Dec 07, 2023

On 8 December 2023, new rules on the labelling of ingredients and nutritional values on wine and aromatised wine products have entered into force.

According to the Regulation, the following information will have to be labeled on wine and aromatised wine:

  • the designation of the category of grapevine product;
  • the term ‘protected designation of origin’ (PDO) or ‘protected geographical indication’ (PGI), and its name, for wines registered as geographical indications;
  • the actual alcoholic strength by volume;
  • the indication of provenance;
  • the name of the bottler or the name of the producer or vendor;
  • the net content;
  • the sugar content in case of sparkling wine categories;
  • the nutrition declaration;
  • the list of ingredients;
  • the substances causing allergies or intolerances;
  • the minimum date of durability for grapevine products which have undergone a de-alcoholisation treatment.

The operators will have the choice to indicate the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration either on the physical label of the wine or through a dedicated electronic means, such as a QR code.

The new rules apply to all wines and wine products obtained from the harvest 2024, while all wines produced before 8 December 2023 will remain exempted until stocks are exhausted. The Commission has also published a set of questions and answers to guide operators and Member States in the application of the new rules.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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