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Senate Proposal to Label Plant-Based Meat as "Imitation" Meat


Nov 17, 2023

The Real Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully Act (Real MEAT Act) has been introduced by a Senator member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. The purpose of the bill is to clarify the definition of beef and pork for labeling purposes by requiring alternative proteins to clearly display the word “imitation” on their packaging.

The Real MEAT Act is intended to mitigate consumer confusion about the products they purchase. The bill would reinforce the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act’s (FFDC’s) misbranding provisions, stating that any imitation meat food product, beef or beef product, or pork or pork product is misbranded unless its label has the word “imitation” in the same size and prominence immediately before or after the name of the food.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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