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MFDS issued a partial amendment to the Labeling Standards for Food

South Korea

Sep 29, 2023

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has published Notice No. 2023-64, revising part of the Labeling Standard for Food, etc. The main contents are as follows:


  • Modify some provisions of the General provisions and the common labeling standard (Modify the definition of the term retort food; Ice fruits and ice cubes do not need to be heated, so the new setting as frozen food does not need to indicate whether to heat).
  • Modify the necessary labeling items when thawing frozen products for circulation.
  • Modify individual labeling items and labeling standards: increase the labeling requirements of the operator of the smallest packaging unit for edible eggs.
  • Modify the food types of natural cheese and other labeling items of food for special medical purposes (related labeling requirements for frozen products in cookbook dietary management foods); Modify the labeling of frozen food that is thawed and circulated.


For further information (in Korean), click on the Link


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