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New decree on meat sounding denominations for plant based food


Sep 06, 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture has notified a new draft decree from the European Commission on the prohibition of using food-related vocabulary to design vegetable preparations.

The new draft decree bans 21 meat names used to describe “foodstuffs containing plant proteins,” including “steak”, “ham”, “escalope,” or “spare ribs“, and even “butcher” or “meat maker”.  However, over 100 meat-related names, such as “cooked ham”, “poultry”, “sausage”, or “bacon”, will be permitted as long as the products contain plant proteins within the range of 0.5% to 6%.  The term “burger” is not included in any of the list.

The new proposal aims to prevent confusion, bringing transparency for consumers and avoiding misleading claims about the proteins plant-based meat products have, argues French Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau.

Operators will have three months to adjust their labelling before the decree takes effect. In addition, manufacturers can still sell products with labels printed before the decree’s implementation for up to one year after publication.

For further information (in French), click on the Link

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