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Government widens scope of Nutri-Score labelling system


Sep 04, 2023

The Government Council green-lit the extended use of the 'Nutri-Score' logo for foodstuffs sold in bulk and for canteen operators, but all on a voluntary basis. The Nutri-Score, which is designed to provide information on the nutritional quality of food and curb overweight, is thus set to become increasingly visible in Luxembourg.

According to Patrick Hau, deputy director of the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA), the pilot project will allow "operators of school or company canteens to display the Nutri-Score on their dishes and menus. But if they decide to do so, they will have to do so on all their dishes."

Finally, the regulation gives the Minister of Agriculture responsibility for the Nutri-Score and takes into account the reform of food legislation scheduled for 2022. The correct use of the Nutri-Score logo in the Grand Duchy is supervised by the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration, under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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