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Revised Food Law Code of Practice for England and Northern Ireland published by FSA


Jun 06, 2023

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published the revised Food Law Code of Practice (the Code) for England and Northern Ireland (the Code), introducing a new model for delivering food standards controls.

Food standards controls are the checks carried out by local authorities (district councils in Northern Ireland) to make sure food produced and sold by food businesses is safe and what it says it is.  

The changes published will help local authorities to take a more risk-based and intelligence-driven approach to inspection, focusing their time and resources on food businesses that pose the greatest risk to consumers. 

The new model will drive more frequent checks on non-compliant businesses, whilst reducing the checks on businesses that can demonstrate good levels of sustained compliance. It will give local authorities greater flexibility to check compliance in different ways, for example through remote checks where appropriate, and it will increase the use of intelligence to inform understanding of risk in the food chain. This will help to ensure that action taken at the right stage of the supply chain, for example one intervention at the single point of manufacture or import rather than multiple interventions in a range of retail outlets.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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