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BPOM will implement the traffic light indicator on food labels


Apr 17, 2023

The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BPOM in Indonesian) will update food package labels by displaying certain color indicators. The color indicator in question uses a traffic light indicator scheme.

The head of BPOM RI, Penny K. Lukito, explained that the packaging color labeling using the traffic light indicator scheme is intended to warn whether the food product contains nutritional value levels or substances within the safe threshold or not.

"We already have rules for nutritional value labels and packaging labels showing sugar, salt and fat (GGL) content. In the future, regulations related to detailed information labels will be further improved," Penny explained during a press conference on the routine results. Food monitoring for Ramadan and before Hari Raya Eid al-Fitr 1444 H/year 2023 at BPOM RI Jakarta office on Monday, April 17, 2023.


For further information (in Indonesian), click on the Link


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