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Resolution on front-of-pack food labeling


Dec 19, 2022

Amendments to the Resolution on Front-of-Food Labeling

The Ministry of Health announced the publication of Resolution Nº 2482, which regulates the use of octagonal seals on ultra-processed foods, in compliance with Law 2120.

The resolution confirms that the front labeling, upon recommendation of the University of Antioquia, will be octagonal in shape, black in color, with a white border and located in the upper third of the main display panel with the word 'Excess'.

It also establishes that the provisions established will be implemented within six months from the date of publication of this act in the Official Gazette, for which they must adapt their processes and products according to the conditions.


For further information (in Spanish), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Spanish), click on the  Link


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