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New national label for "gluten-free" foods


Sep 14, 2022

The Moroccan Institute for Standardization (IMANOR in French) and the Moroccan Association of Gluten Intolerant and Allergic People "AMIAG" have established a partnership aimed at promoting gluten-free food products on the Moroccan market, through the establishment of a national "Gluten-free" label. The rules setting out the criteria and methods for awarding this label have been drawn up in consultation with AMIAG and other interested parties. They are intended for operators in the agri-food sector who wish to reassure consumers about the authenticity of their gluten-free claims on their products.

The labeling procedure implemented by IMANOR in accordance with the provisions of Law 12-06, consists of audits and analyses, if necessary, to validate the manufacturer's ability to maintain a residual gluten threshold below 20 mg/kg. The audits will also focus on the control of gluten contamination risks during the manufacture of the product and on good hygiene and manufacturing practices.


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