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Labeling standard on manufacturing method and quality of Sake


Sep 09, 2022

The National Tax Agency issued a notice "Partial revision of the statutory interpretation on Liquor Tax Act and acts /regulations, etc. related to liquor administration (the notice on statutory interpretation).

Labeling standard for manufacturing method and quality for Sake (National Tax Agency Notification No. 8 of 1989) was enacted in November 1989 (applied in April 1990) based on the provisions of Act Concerning Liquor Business Associations and Measures for securing Revenue from Liquor Tax (Act No. 7 of 1953). In 1989, with the development of brewing technology and the diversification of consumption, various types of Sake with different manufacturing methods and qualities, such as "Ginjo-shu", "Jummai-shu (Pure-rice sake)", and "Honjozo-shu ("True-brew" sake)", became available at liquor stores. However, since there were no legal rules for labeling these types of Sake, there were an increasing number of consumers complaining they were unsure of the quality of the sake. Therefore, the standard was established to help consumers select products.


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