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Mandatory allergen labeling for "walnuts"


Aug 16, 2022

Mandatory allergen labeling for "walnuts"


At the 67th Consumer Commission Food Labeling Section Meeting held on June 6, 2022, the prospect of the mandatory allergen labeling of "walnuts" was announced. I would also like to take up the "Report on the national fact-finding survey of health damage caused by immediate-type food allergy in 2021", which was the background of the announcement.

CAA plans to consult with the Consumer Commission on the revision of Food Labeling Standards, by the end of this fiscal year at the latest. In addition, with regard to "Development and validation of test methods", which had been previously considered as an issue to be considered, development is currently underway with aiming of its completion in the next fiscal year. Therefore, it can be assumed that Food Labeling Standards will be revised by the end of March 2023, and walnuts will be changed to items subject to mandatory allergen labeling.


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