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Consultation on draft food (amendment) regulations 2021: Labelling and advertising requirements for “Nutri-Grade beveragesâ

Mar 29, 2021

The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) are seeking feedback from stakeholders on the proposed amendments to the Food Regulations under the Sale of Food Act, to introduce new requirements on “Nutri-Grade beverages” sold in Singapore, from 30 June 2022. Key changes are summarised as follows:

  •  â€œNutri-Grade beverages” are to be graded “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” according to the Nutri-Grade grading system;

  • “Nutri-Grade beverages” will have to carry a nutrition information panel, stating the energy content and the amount of carbohydrate, total sugar, fat, saturated fat and protein in the “Nutri-Grade beverages”;

For further information (in English), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the  Link

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