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May 30, 2020

With a joint letter directed to the EU Commission, a collective of organizations asks that the Nutri-Score would be adopted as the single and mandatory labelling indication for prepacked foods in the European Union. Nutri-Score is a front of pack indication which ranks foods with a coloured letter in relation to the nutritional composition of a food within a category of products. A food can get a ‘score’ ranging from a green A to a red E. The scheme was initially developed in France, but has been gradually received support from authorities and businesses in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg as well as Switzerland. At present, the Commission is still investigating what labelling scheme would be most suitable, also considering among others the Keyhole logo as used in Scandinavian countries and the UK traffic light labelling scheme.

In the letter, the conjoint of nearly 40 consumer organizations, academics and public health organizations and food companies and retailers claims the Nutri-Score is the best performing scheme. They assert that to get full potential of the scheme it should not be left at the choice of operators to apply the Nutri-Score but that EU law would allow that the scheme becomes mandatory.

BEUC: Cross-sector call for Nutri-Score on all foods in EU (28 April 2020) {link to letter included in the article} - link


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