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Sri Lanka mandates fat, salt, sugar labels in foods from January 1

Sri Lanka

Jan 31, 2020

Sri Lanka will mandate the labeling of salt and fat and in foods after a similar rules were imposed on sugar content in beverages, a senior health official said. In 2016 the Ministry of health introduced a color coding system for the sugar content in beverages. It was color coded as if it is low sugar green color, medium Amber colorand  if  it  is high sugar  red color. 

The color coding system for sugar content will be implemented on all sweets including cookies, toffees, cakes, and traditional sweets.

The traffic light system will not be applied for any primary agricultural product, spices, single ingredient product, foods recommended by medical practitioners, bulk packs of retail products and infant milk formulae.

“It  was  only  for sugar  in  beverages  (until  now),”  Deputy  Director  General  of  Health Services Lakshman Gamlath said. “But from January 1, 2020 onwards it will be applicable for the solid food and sugar, fat and salt content will be displayed

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