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What are the Special Regulations for the Label of Infant Formula in China?


Apr 30, 2019

1. If there is an animal source in the product name, the animal source of raw materials such as raw milk, milk powder, whey (protein) powder, etc. used in the ingredient list should be clearly indicated according to the product formula. When there are more than two animal sources of dairy raw materials used, the proportion of raw materials of various animal origins should be indicated.


2. The ingredient list shall be marked with the specific variety name of the edible vegetable oil in descending order of the added amount.


3. The nutrient fact table should be listed in the order of nutrients specified in the National Standard for Food Safety of Infant Formula Milk Powder, and classified according to categories such as energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and selectable ingredients.


4. If the origin of raw materials such as raw milk and raw milk powder is claimed, the specific origin or origin country shall be clearly marked, and the vague information such as “imported milk source”, “from foreign pasture”, “ecological ranch” and “imported raw materials” shall not be used.


5. It is stated that it should be indicated that infant formula milk powder is applicable to the age of the month and can be marked with “Stage 1, 2, and 3” at the same time.


6. Labels and instructions must not contain the following contents: related to disease prevention and treatment functions; expressive or suggestive of health effects; expressive or suggestive of functional expressions such as puzzles, increased resistance or immunity, protection of the intestines; Standards should not contain or use substances in the product formula, with the words "not added", "not included" and "zero added" to emphasize not use or not include certian substances; false, exaggerated, scientific or absolute content; The claim of the recipe registration is inconsistent with the products. 


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