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Nov 02, 2019

The German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture has officially announced that Germany will introduce the Nutri-Score labelling scheme. The model is a simplified indication rating the nutritional composition of a food, ranging from a positive green letter A to a more unfavoured red letter E. The scheme aims to assist consumers in the identification of healthier choices. France, Belgium and Spain have already implemented the indication, where it can be found on the labels of a large number of retailers and brands.

The introduction of the Nutri Score in Germany has gone through a meticulous procedure. An extensive consumer research has led to the decision the Nutri Score was preferred over the other available label indications being considered the most easily detectable and easy to understand for consumers.

German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture - Press release No. 197: Ergebnis der Verbraucherbeteiligung liegt vor: Bundesministerin Julia Klöckner wird Nutri-Score® einführen - link


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