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The legal regime of the technologies and products obtained using GMOs: Discussion questions


Feb 07, 2022

The paper examines the problems associated with the definition of the legal regime of the technologies and products obtained using GMOs. The experts in the field of genetics have not yet come to an unambiguous conclusion about the degree of harm or benefit of products obtained using genetic modifications. Russia has strict restrictive measures for the production of genetically modified products. 
The Russian legislation needs to minimize this legal imbalance, which puts researchers in the field of plant genetics and producers of GMO seeds and food in unequal (worse) conditions. The legal regulation should ensure the coexistence of organic (environmentally friendly) agriculture, traditional agriculture, and the use of the GMO technologies; the introduction of special labeling of GMO products; the broadening of the powers of regional authorities in the use of GMO technologies; as well as the application of the principle of “traceability” to GMO products.

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