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India - The Intersection of Food Laws and Legal Metrology Laws in India: A Framework for Analysis


Jan 24, 2024

Life without legal metrology is inconceivable, as legal metrology encompasses every sphere of daily life, from eating to safeguarding health to ensuring public safety and the environment. On the other hand, food plays an important role in human life, and the entire civilisation survives on food. Food laws have been developed over the years with the primary objective of providing consumers with safe and nutritious food. Food laws primarily focus on ensuring the safety and quality of consumables, while legal metrology laws govern the accuracy of weights and measures in commercial transactions, including pre-packed food. The intersection of food laws and legal metrology laws in India presents a complex framework that requires careful analysis. This intersection becomes crucial as discrepancies in quantity, labelling, or packaging can impact consumer rights and public health and appropriate declarations on the packaging help the consumer make an informed choice. This comprehensive analysis involves examining how these regulations merge, identifying potential conflicts, and proposing harmonised measures to enhance regulatory efficiency and consumer protection. Balancing the intricacies of both frameworks is essential to creating a robust system that addresses the unique challenges posed by the intersection of food and metrology regulations in India.


Author(s):  Srikkanth, G.R., Yadav, S. & Pavan Kumar, K.I. Figueras, M.L.

Published in: MAPAN

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