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Around the World - International legislations for the use of modified starches in food and standards for native starches

European Union

Dec 06, 2022

The major objective of this chapter to present the main standards and recommendations for commercialization of native starches and the main international legislations for the use of modified starches in food. We first address the technical functions of modified starches as food additives, the foods where they can be used, and the maximum limits authorized. We use as reference the Codex STAN 192–1995, on food additives, developed from a cooperation between FAO and WHO. We compare it with the current legislations in the United States, Europe, and China, the main starch-producing and consuming countries. We also present marketing standards for the main native starches commercialized in the world, based on the European, United States, and Japanese Pharmacopoeias. For tapioca starch, we also considered the specificities of products exported by 10 Asian companies. This information is valuable and should facilitate research to develop new markets from starches from underground crops of South American origin.

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