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Brazil: National standards for processing food irradiation


Aug 04, 2020

The technique of food irradiation is a physical process doses of ionizing radiation. In what has been studied for several decades being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1963. However only in the year of 1977 Released the use of this modality, the World Health Organization (WHO). In Brazil the national standards in food irradiation influence and interfere in individual or collective way in the life of consumers having as objective the work Distinguish and characterize the importance of guidelines that involves the irradiation of foods. For the elaboration of this article were conducted bibliographic reviews, consultations on national and international laws, research in books, websites and technical visits to the Technological Center of the Army (CTEx). It was concluded that the Brazilian legislation being the most advanced in the world by the Consultative Group on International food irradiation (ICGFI). Authorises radiate any healthy product,respecting the norms applicable to that product.

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