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Ordinance on Bacon definition and quality requirements


Nov 29, 2021

The secretary of Agricultural Defense, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply published the “ORDINANCE SDA NO. 449, from November 18th, 2021” in the use of the attribution conferred on art. 24 and 68 of Annex I of Decree 10,827 of September 30th, 2021.

The scope of the document outlines various requirements as follows:

  • Definition of Bacon as the meat product obtained from the cutting of the thoracoabdominal wall of pigs, etc;
  • Marketing requirements of Bacon and manufacturing process analogous to Bacon;
  • Requirements on the mandatory and optional ingredients in the preparation of Bacon;
  • To observe the microbiological criteria established in specific legislation for the product;
  • For Bacon to be stable at room temperature, the maximum permitted water activity (Aw) will be 0.85 (eighty-five tenths);


For further information (in English), click on the Link

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