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Publication of 17 National Food Safety Standards announced by CFSA


Oct 29, 2021

The China National Center For Food Safety Risk Assessment Announces Issuance of 17 National Food Safety Standards, Including "National Food Safety Standard: Limits of Pathogenic Bacteria in Prepackaged Foods"

Other published standards:

  • GB 19295-2021 Noodles and quick frozen prepared foods.
  • GB 1886.349-2021 Food additives Five-carbon diacetal (glutaraldehyde).
  • GB 1886.350-2021 Food additive: Nitrous oxide.
  • GB 1886.351-2021 Food additive: α-cyclodextrin.
  • GB 1886.352-2021 Food additive β-cyclodextrin.
  • GB 1886.353-2021 γ-cyclodextrin food additive.
  • GB 24154-2015 General rules for foods in sports nutrition.

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