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Ministry of Health presents draft amendment to modify the Regulation on milk and dairy products


Apr 26, 2024

The Ministry of Health has published Amendments to  regulations related to milk and milk products involving regulations 82 and 117(7), and  insertion  of  a  new  subregulation  117(1B)  to  the  Food  Regulations  1985  [P.U.(A) 437/1985].

The proposed  amendments  to  the  Food  Regulations  1985 [P.U.(A) 437/1985] involve the following:


1. Amendments to regulation 82 on the definition and specifications for milk or raw milk. Milk or raw milk shall not contain any drug residue or added nutrient.

2. Insertion of a new subregulation 117(1B) which stipulates that the term "fresh" shall  not be used on the label on any package of recombined milk and reconstituted milk.

3. Inclusion of reference to regulation 91B and 97A in subregulation 117(7).


For further information (in English), click on the Link

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