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New rules regarding food law effective as of February 1


Jan 22, 2024

From 1 February 2024, new rules regarding food law will apply in Switzerland.

The revision covers 25 ordinances and strengthens health and consumer's protection.

The amendments are related to the following topics:

  • Declaration of origin of croissants and Berliners when sold in bulk: consumers must be able to more easily recognize where bread and fine bakery products sold in bulk are produced. As a result,  bakeries, restaurants and retailers will have to indicate the country of production in writing, rather than just orally.
  • Introduction of maximum values for PFAS (Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances) residues in foodstuffs, which correspond to the EU maximum levels and apply to eggs, meat, some fish species, crustaceans and bivalve molluscs.
  • Creation of a legal framework for the redistribution of surplus food, providing producers and retailers with clear guidelines on the measures they need to take before they can donate food or give it away to charitable organisations.
  • Strengthen health protection for tattoo paints and cosmetics (Food law also regulates cosmetics and tattoo colors). Switzerland adopts EU maximum values for some ingredients in tattoo colors. For cosmetics, the current maximum value for furocoumarins (1 mg/kg) now applies also to imported cosmetics. This change will come into force at the beginning of 2026.
  • Practice-oriented regulation for on-farm and grazing killings: for food hygiene reasons, they must be transported to a slaughterhouse and eviscerated within 45 minutes of death.

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