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Amendment to Nutrition Labeling Regulations


Jan 25, 2024

Thai Ministry of Public Health has issued the Notification (No. 446) B.E. 2566 (2023) entitled "Food products Required to bear Nutrition Labelling and Guideline Daily Amounts, GDA Labelling (No.2)".

Main content of the new regulation is as follows:

  • Clause 5(1) of the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health (No. 394) B.E.2561 (2018) is repealed and replaced by the following text: “ (1) Nutrition Labelling shall comply with format and provisions of displaying of nutrition information of attachment No.1 of the Notification of Ministry of Public Health, Re: Nutrition Labelling”;
  • A grace period of three years is provided for products labeled before the date of entry into force of the notification.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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