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The Federal Court removes deadline extension for magnifying glass seal


Feb 19, 2024

The Federal Court of São Paulo has granted an injunction in the public civil action brought by the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection (IDEC in Portuguese) against the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) in connection with the extension of deadlines for the labeling of food and beverages with the magnifying glass seal indicating high amounts of sodium and added sugars and saturated fats.

The Court decision has suspended the effects of RDC No. 819/2023, ordering ANVISA to refrain from adopting new measures authorizing the extension of deadlines for implementation of RDC No. 429/2020 and Normative Instruction No. 75/2020.

In addition, the decision has established that companies manufacturing processed foods and ultra-processed products that use the authorization to exhaust old packaging and labels shall use stickers to label the magnifying glass seal and nutritional table for maximum 60 days. 

For further information (in Portuguese), click on the Link

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