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Brazil - Technical regulations and their boundary factors: sugar nutrient as a case example


Dec 06, 2023

Sugar is an ingredient / a product found in all diets across the world and that can cause undesirable health issues if consumed in excess, thus requiring regulation. The objective of this study was to obtain all necessary information to serve as basis for regulations on sugar products. Technical-scientific literature on the subject was studied, as well as the Brazilian regulatory and guidance documents and market characteristics. The research showed that reduction of sugar consumption is a global trend. In Brazil, regulations and recommendations on sugar come from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply or from the Ministry of Health/Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, but there are opportunities for regulations improvements. The Brazilian market presents a peculiar situation regarding sugar production because
the mills make sugar and ethanol and emphasize the production of one over the other according to what will be more remunerative, which results in an oscillation in annual production making it difficult to establish direct correlations between consumption and consume. The awareness of the harmful effects of excessive sugar
consumption leads consumers to change their diets and habits, government agencies to face demands for technical regulations and pressures food manufactures to reduce the amount of sugar in their products.


Author(s):  Otero. D Almeida, M., Casciny, L  &  Satomi, O.

Published in: Revista IPT: Tecnologia e Inovação

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