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Health Canada takes position on nutrition labelling of prepackaged human milk


Oct 03, 2023

Health Canada has determined that Nutrition Facts tables (NFt) for prepackaged human milk could be inaccurate due to the natural variation in the nutritional composition of human milk. This interim policy statement signals Health Canada's intention for prepackaged human milk without an NFt to remain available until regulatory changes can be implemented as part of future regulatory amendments.

Health Canada is responsible for setting standards and providing advice and information on the safety and nutritional value of foods, including prepackaged human milk. Prepackaged human milk sold in Canada is currently subject to the provisions of the Safe Food for Canadians Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, as well as those of the Food and Drugs Act and the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR), which require prepackaged foods to carry a Nutrition Facts table (NFt).

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