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Draft amendment to ham and cured meat regulation


Jan 08, 2024

The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy and the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests have a draft Decree proposing to amend the regulations on the production and sale of ham and different types of cured meat. 

The draft aims both at harmonizing in a single text the amendments made by the Ministerial Decree of 26 May 2016 to the Ministerial Decree of 21 September 2005, and at introducing new regulatory provisions that have become necessary for the needs of the production sector, ensuring complete information to consumers on the regulated cured meats.

Compared to the current Interministerial Decree, the draft includes two new products: bresaola, in Chapter V, and speck, in Chapter VI, and finally inserts Chapter VII on common provisions.

For the drafting of the Decree, the method already used for the measure in force was followed, i.e., tracing the definition, production method and qualitative characteristics of each product in the decree, through a careful examination of the Italian production situation and the existing regulatory references.

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