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Proposed amendments to FOP nutrition symbols and Supplemented Food Caution Identifier rules


Sep 26, 2023

The Health Canada's Food Directorate has considered industry's comments that displaying both the front-of-package (FOP) nutrition symbol and the supplemented food caution identifier (SFCI) on supplemented foods occupies a significant portion of the space available on a label. In addition, prepackaged products that contain an assortment of foods may be required to carry more than one FOP nutrition symbol and/or the SFCI.

The Directorate has concluded that the Directory of Nutrition Symbol Specifications and Directory of Supplemented Food Caution Identifier Specifications should be amended to permit a buffer as small as 0 mm between the FOP nutrition symbol and the SFCI, or between nutrition symbols on prepackaged products that contain an assortment of foods, where they share a border as described in the Notice of proposal information document.

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