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MFDS publishes amendment to food standards and specifications

South Korea

Sep 01, 2023

The Ministry of Food and Drug of Korea (MFDS) has issued Notice No. 2023-56, revising food standards and specifications, which will be implemented from the date of publication.

Main contents of the Notice are:

  • New alternative food standards.
  • New standard of inorganic arsenic in brown rice 0.35mg/kg.
  • Revision of food standards and norms for the elderly. In order to prevent food poisoning in the elderly, products need to be fully cooked before production; Revision of manufacturing standards to allow the manufacture of products in an unheated state.
  • Develop new standards for erucic acid in rapeseed oil. The erucic acid content of rapeseed oil is less than 2%.

For further information (in Korean), click on the Link

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