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Revised Standards for Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel in Cans


Sep 06, 2023

The Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MoMAF), has reviewed and drafted a revision for the "Minister of MoMAF Regulation No. 58/2016 Mandatory Implementation of SNI for Tuna in Cans and SNI for Sardines And Mackerel In Cans", which was previously notified to the WTO TBT Committee through G/TBT/N/IDN/113 on February 10, 2017.

The revised technical regulation simplifies and integrates several related regulations (i.e. regulation on the mandatory implementation of SNI for Tuna, Sardine, and Mackerel in canned packaging; regulation on Procedures for issuing SPPT SNI Tuna, Sardine, and Mackerel in canned packaging) into one regulation. The main modifications of this amended regulation draft are

  • Establishing detailed HS Code of products that are covered by the regulation
  • Updating the reference standard
  • Updating the conformity assessment procedure on the surveillances phase.

The draft regulation requires tuna, sardines and mackerel in canned packaging that are produced domestically or imported for distribution and marketed in Indonesia, as listed in the Annex I, to fulfill requirements stated in the following Indonesia National Standard (SNI):

  1. SNI 8223:2022 Tuna in Canned Packaging.
  2. SNI 8222:2022 Sardines and Mackerel in Canned Packaging.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Indonesian), click on the Link

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