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Updated guidelines for vegan logo


Aug 14, 2023

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has revised the guidelines for submission of applications for endorsement of vegan logo and formats. The guidelines supersede the previous document dated 25th July 2022 and will be implemented from the date of publication.

  • Request for information. Applicant information: name and address, license number, contact person and contact information; Details of the manufacturer: product name, brand, food category, ingredient list, origin of each ingredient, detailed manufacturing process of the final product, technical specifications and analytical certificates for each ingredient, indicating whether the product is domestic or imported, copies of existing labels, sample labels with the vegan mark;
  • Product certificate. The analytical certificate shall include physical, chemical and microbiological indicators related to the product, as well as proven test methods, etc. There is no animal source ingredient test report in the final product.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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