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Regulatory agenda topics for 2024 – 2025 published by ANVISA


Aug 08, 2023

From July 31 to September 14, the society and the entities of the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS in Portuguese) will be able to provide their opinion on the preliminary list of topics proposed by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA in Portuguese) for prioritization in the Regulatory Agenda 2024 - 2025. It will also be possible to suggest the inclusion of other topics, in case any regulatory requirement of interest is not present in the list.

Topics in the food area:

- Review of legislation on the use of functional and/or health claims on foods.

- General labeling of packaged foods.

- Updated labeling requirements for major allergenic foods.

- Labeling of foods intended for industrial purposes.

- Updated macroscopic and microscopic foreign matter requirements for cassava starch, flour and rice flour.

- Sanitary requirements for silicone food contact materials.

- Update of the regulatory framework for metallic food contact materials.

- Update of sanitary requirements for dietary supplements (Revision of DRC No. 243/2018).

- Edition of regulatory act on food for medical use.

- Revision and consolidation of regulations on infant formula and enteral nutrition formulas

- Revision of the regulation on food additives and food technology adjuvants

- Revision of the regulation of food additives and food technology adjuvants authorized for use in dairy products.

- Re-evaluation of the authorization for the use of the food additive titanium dioxide in foods.

- Nutrivigilance requirements applicable to the regulated sector, including those related to the establishment of a nutrivigilance system and the submission of mandatory periodic notifications and reports.

- Revision of the standard for hygienic-sanitary requirements and good manufacturing practices for food producing or processing establishments.

- Updating the regulatory framework for food irradiation.

- Regulation of sanitary requirements for foods of plant origin.

- Good practices for food services.

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