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INACAL approves new food technical standards


Jul 26, 2023

The National Quality Institute (INACAL in Spanish), through Resolution N° 007-2023-INACAL/DN and N° 008-2023-INACAL/DN, approved a series of technical standards (NTP in Spanish) on foodstuffs.

  • NTP 204.040:1987 (revised 2023) FISH FLOUR. Packaging and labeling. 1st Edition Replaces NTP 204.040:1987 (Revised lll2010).
  • NTP 011.705:2010 (revised 2023) AMAZON FRUITS AND DERIVATIVES. Banana. Controlled production. 1st Edition Replaces NTP 011.705:2010 (revised 2015).
  • NTP 011.702:2010 (revised 2023) AMAZON FRUITS AND DERIVATIVES. Pijuayo flour. Requirements. 1st Edition Replaces NTP 011.702:2010 (revised 2015).
  • NTP 011.703:2010 (revised 2023) AMAZON FRUITS AND BYPRODUCTS. Tree bread. Requirements. 1st Edition Replaces NTP 011.703:2010 (revised 2015).
  • NTP 011.704:2010 (revised 2023) AMAZON FRUITS AND DERIVATIVES. Tree bread flour. Requirements. 1st Edition Replaces NTP 011.704:2010 (revised 2015).
  • NTP 011.808:2023 POTATO AND POTATO DERIVATIVES. Dehydrated mashed potatoes. Requirements. 1st Edition.
  • NTP 104.108:2023 SACHA INCHI. Sacha inchi oil for cosmetic use. Specifications. 1st Edition
  • NTP 107.313:2023 COCOA AND CHOCOLATE. Determination of acidity and pH of cocoa during postharvest. Routine method. 1st Edition.
  • NTP 125.004:2023 PALMBERRY FRUITS. Good manufacturing practices for the production of aguaje oil. Production of aguaje oil. 1st Edition.
  • NTP 204.035:2023 FISH, SHELLFISH AND DERIVED PRODUCTS. Fish meal. Classification and requirements. 2nd Edition Replaces NTP 204.035:1985 (Revised in 2010).
  • NTP 712.010:2023 FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Guidelines for good hygienic practices for the provision of food and beverage service at home. 1st Edition.
  • NTP 103.005:2023 SOFT DRINKS. Carbonated beverages (Carbonated soft drinks). Requirements. 1st Edition.
  • NTP 203.112:2023 SOFT DRINKS. Instant soft drinks. Requirements. 2nd Edition Replaces NTP 203.112:2011 (revised 2016).

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